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As Béarla ag an am seo / This in English for the moment, as a large number of new editors don't have Irish

I believe an Irish Language Wiktionary would be a great asset to the Gaeilgóirí out there and am willing to put in the work - Alison

2018[cuir in eagar]

Aibreán / April[cuir in eagar]

2008[cuir in eagar]

Feabhra / February[cuir in eagar]

  • Changed {{ainm 4}} template to allow adding a genitive for odd cases where there is one, e.g. grá as a verbal noun. ☸ Moilleadóir 13:24, 14 Feabhra 2008 (UTC)
  • Created a new template {{t}} to abstract the language headings. Just give it the language code as a parameter and it will make a lev 2 heading with a title attribute pop-up showing the native language name. Well, it will so long as the language code template exists and the #language function can get the native name. Hopefully this will circumvent the problem of heading template names conflicting with language heading template names. ☸ Moilleadóir 06:39, 16 Feabhra 2008 (UTC)
  • New template for short link lists, e.g. Months of the year, {{liosta}}. Use the category name as the list name, e.g. Breatnais: míonna. ☸ Moilleadóir 07:11, 17 Feabhra 2008 (UTC)

2007[cuir in eagar]

August[cuir in eagar]

  • Update MediaWiki translations from ga.wikipedia & fix some of the grammar. Update: A-L is now completed. Big changes in look & feel. Lot less Béarla, lot more Gaeilge :)
  • Add common templates + licensing details. Some done now. GFDL boilerplate is on every edit page. GFDL legal stuff added. GFDL template in place.
  • Semi-protect Main Page and other high-risk templates.
  • Started moving over and creating stock templates that most users will be familiar with. Mostly formatting / multimedia / warnings, etc.
  • Translating missing parts of the interface text. Translating and moving English parts of infrastructure. Using Magic Words in place of hard-coded project names, etc.
  • Update usual pages with GFDL boilerplate warnings, etc
  • Adding extra MIME support (like .ogg, .mp3, etc)
  • More to follow ....
  • Finished MediaWiki "M"
  • Finished MediaWiki "N-R"
  • Finished most of "U" up to end of MediaWiki pages.
  • Added more Irish language boilerplate text. Have delete page template now.

September[cuir in eagar]

  • Lots more tricky MediaWiki changes.
  • Added some MediaWiki templates & stuff (that ga.wp haven't got yet :) )
  • More mediawiki changes.
  • Jaap added a lot of the basic templates for terms.
  • Added Mediawiki:Monobook.css - that changed the look-and-feel quite a bit.
  • A number of new editors have joined; Dmcdevit and Vintagekits.
  • Daniel (sysop from en.wp) is now temporary sysop here and is working on mediawiki updates.
  • Dmcdevit gifted us with a new site logo as Gaeilge. The first draft is Íomhá:Wiki-mór.png. Yes, the IPA is wrong :)
  • More MediaWiki work ongoing.
  • New logo being firmed up, with Úsáideoir:Leftmost getting involved.
  • I've requested interwiki and media helper bots to join up at their various owners' pages.
  • The infamous (and awesomest) Connel MacKenzie‎ has joined us here. Yay!
  • Jaap is still hard at work adding definitions and templates.
  • Our new logo went live!!! Yay!! Thanks to Úsáideoir:Leftmost and Úsáideoir:Dmcdevit for making all this happen.
  • Moilleadóir has joined us from ga.wikipedia & has done a huge amount of work already :)
  • Added SALT page --> Vicífhoclóir:Leathanaigh chosanta
  • Started Babel userbox system. See Vicífhoclóir:Baibéal. It's important for a minority project like this to show who's proficient in what language. Feel free to add your own!
  • Vicífhoclóir:Clár dubh created - public sandbox!
  • Speedy-delete template is {{scrios}} - an additional rational can be provided so you can use {{scrios|raiméis}}. {{delete}} also works.
  • Mediawiki translation is now completely in sync with ga.wikipedia. In fact, we've gone way ahead of them at this stage. There is very little béarla left in the interface text, but there's still a bit left to be done. We're way ahead now, though.
  • We now have shortcuts! For example, on the top of this page --> {{aicearra|VF:LC}} gives the box above. Catagóir:Aicearraí contains a list of shortcuts, and the (unwritten) policy is at Vicífhoclóir:Aicearra. Also, Catagóir:Leathanaigh le aicearraí will be automatically added to the page.
  • There's a new category: Catagóir:Leathanaigh a aistriú go Gaeilge - just add this to pages to be translated into Irish and we can get to them later. {{shortcut}} also works for english-speakers, too :)
  • Commons media handling is now in place. Before, there was no indication, no links - nothing. You can see it in action here, for example. Note the Commons/Cómhaoin dialog box.
  • Front page got a much-needed makeover. Looks way better, but there's a lot more to be done. Text at the top is ugly and there are too many redlinks for the mainpage.

Vista-clean.pngY Déanta - Added templates for completed tasks, in both Irish and English; see {{ceartán}} and {{déanta}} and their equivalents {{tick}} and {{done}}.

  • BotMultichill is now trial-running over here and has done quite a bit of useful interwiki work. I'm putting in a bot bit request here and will petition Meta next week if we have consensus. Weigh in at Vicífhoclóir:Róbónna. Thanks to Multichill for coming over here - Alison 21:32, 20 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
  • BotMultichill request now filed on meta.
  • Major mainpage makeover. Huge tidy-up. I think it looks a lot cleaner now. Comments?
  • More detailed MediaWiki changes, mostly from enwiki and translated into Irish.

October / Deireadh Fomhair[cuir in eagar]

  • More MediaWiki updates.
  • Word count has almost doubled now.
  • New templates added. Archiving templates in place.
  • Finally repaired {{audio}} - properly!
  • Fáilte, Úsáideoir:Gaillimh :)
  • Major makeover of look-and-feel. Icons and tooltips on headers.