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Is é seo leathanach chun teideail a ghlasáil.

How it works[cuir in eagar]

All of the list pages linked to below are protected, and may only be edited by editors who have administrator privileges. The cascading protection flag is set on each list page. Each entry in the list is transcluded onto the page, so that cascading protection thereby protects the article title against editing.

Instructions[cuir in eagar]

Only administrators may add or remove entries:

To protect a title
Simply transclude the page onto an appropriate list. Remember that transclusion defaults to the Template: namespace, so you must explicitly specify otherwise by preceding the full name of the page (inclusive of namespace) with a colon.
  1. In general, only items that have been deleted three (or more) times should be protected this way.
  2. Remember to check Special:Whatlinkshere for each entry added; remove all wikified references.
  3. Don't include bluelinked articles on these lists. Use ordinary protection for that.
To unprotect a title
Simply remove the transclusion.
  1. Entries on this list may possibly be removed after one year.
  2. Ensure that consensus exists for recreation, above and beyond the citations required by WT:CFI.

Requesting protection or unprotection of a title:

To request protection or unprotection
cuir ceist ar ceann de na riarthóirí.

Liostaí[cuir in eagar]