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Hi there,

someone should please check the Gearmáinis entry. Its about the fith month of the year (may).

Hi Thorsten
Since so many European languages took their month names from Latin I created some templates with those Latin etymologyies in them. So you just need to copy them from a similar page. For reference, the templates are...
{{s-Ianuarius}}, {{s-Februarius}}, {{s-Martius}}, {{s-Aprilis}}, {{s-Maius}}, {{s-Iunius}}, {{s-Iulius}}, {{s-Augustus}}, {{s-September}}, {{s-October}}, {{s-November}}, {{s-December}}
You can see I didn't actually create {{s-Aprilis}}, probably because its ultimate meaning is unclear
Moilleadóir 13:42, 2 Meitheamh 2008 (UTC)
Hi Meitheam,
thx for the information. i´ve changed all these templates. I only copied it first becaus i wasnt shure about its sense. Now, all the entrys about german month names should be correct.
cu, Thorsten 13:52, 2 Meitheamh 2008 (UTC)