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Ón Vicífhoclóir, an foclóir ábhair shaor.

Bheadh sé níos fearr an t-alt a chur roimh na hainmfhochail anseo. 'An t-Aibreán' in áit 'Aibreán' Éóg1916 18:30, 17 Márta 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Translation request[cuir in eagar]

Hello all. Can you please translate: Category:Eiscimis-Ailiúitis, Category:Seapánach and Category:Teangacha please, or better can you add a wikilink to one of the pages in the English Wiktionary. Thanks. --Agricoleur 17:28, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Y Déanta - "Eiscimis-Ailiúitis" = "Eskimo-Aleutian", "Seapánach" = "Japanese", and "Teangacha" means "Languages". Thanks for pointing this out :) - Alison 20:45, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]


I've seen this message hundreds of times but only actually read for the first time this evening. It arises when you search for a word for which there is no entry yet:

Tabhair faoi deara: go minic, ní éiríonn cuardaigh nuair a cuardaítear focail an-coiteanta,, "ag" is "an", a nach bhfuil innéacsaítear, nó nuair a ceisteann tú níos mó ná téarma amháin (ní taispeáintear sna toraidh ach na leathanaigh ina bhfuil go leoir na téarmaí cuardaigh).

It is riddled with grammatical errors,I would suggest the following corrections (in bold):

Tabhair faoi deara: go minic, ní éiríonn le cuardaigh nuair a chuardaítear focail an-coiteanta,, "ag" is "an", nach bhfuil innéacsaithe, nó nuair a cheistíonn tú níos mó ná téarma amháin (ní thaispeáintear sna torthaí ach na leathanaigh ina bhfuil na téarmaí cuardaigh go léir ).


more translation[cuir in eagar]

There were a few more languages, and I couldn't translate them into English - they are at these category talk pages. I probably won't come back to ga.wiktionary, so please can you add the category links to English Wiktionary e.g to en:Category:Japanese language etc. It would be fantastic. And thanks for the great time that I've had on this Irish website. I'm gonna miss you all. --Agricoleur 22:04, 5 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Well, thanks for the work that you did here. All of it matters :) And, of course, you're very welcome back anytime ^_^ - Alison 04:03, 6 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Suggested rename Príomhleathanach=>Vicífhoclóir:Príomhleathanach[cuir in eagar]

Suggested rename Príomhleathanach=>Vicífhoclóir:Príomhleathanach: Wikidata.-- 01:00, 31 Márta 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]