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Táim im' riarthóir anseo anois agus má atá aon rud is féidir liom chun cabhair a thabhairt duit, cuir ach iarratas chugam!

I've also started adding pronounciations of Irish words to Commons!

2007 Ean Fea Már Aib Bea Mei Iúil Lún M.F D.F Sam Nol
2008 Ean • Nol

Príomhleathanach[cuir in eagar]

There is an image error being flagged. (And viewed about 50 times a day Jcwf 02:36, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

>2000 hits a day is not too bad for a tiny wikti, I think. Jcwf 02:46, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

Indeed!! :) I'm not seeing the image error, though. Which one is it? - Alison 08:39, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

It was the Vicifhoinse icon, but I longer see it either. Did they replace it or so? Not that it matters. Jcwf 16:07, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

Aha!! Y'know - I reworked Teimpléad:Comhthionscadail last week and fixed it all, unbeknownst to myself :) - Alison 20:39, 2 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

Family affair[cuir in eagar]

Hi Alison, do you have a younger brother, by any chance? You're a little old for me, and I'd love to date an Irish-speaker. --Agricoleur 21:45, 5 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

lol - nooo, sorry. I don't :O - Alison 04:09, 6 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

Fáilte from the Alibot[cuir in eagar]

Not that I'm stalking you but the 'Athruithe is déanaí' page is full of welcome msgs from AliBot. The msg contains some grammatical errors (corrected in bold below):

Haigh, a Johnny the Vandal, agus tá fáilte romhat chuig an Vicífhoclóir! Go raibh maith agat as do chuid dréachtaí. Tá súil agam go mbainfidh tú taitneamh as d'am anseo! Tá sé éasca ailt nua a chruthú agus, más maith leat, téigh go dtí an Halla Baile chun caint leis na h-eagarthóirí eile, nó téigh go dtí an Lárionad Chomhphobail chun na heachtraí is déanaí Vicífhoclóir a fheiceáil.
Le d'thoil, sínigh do chuid theachtaireachtaí ar leathanaigh phlé le ceithre tildí ; ionsaítear d'ainm úsáideora agus an dáta go huathoibríoch.

Also, in surnames a shéimhiú follows 'Ní' so at the top of your user page it should be Eilís Ní Chasaide. I could change this myself but that would be a bit presumptuous :) (Usjes 22:44, 10 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)).[]

Thank you *so* much for these corrections. Bear in mind that it's over 20 years since I had any real dealings with an Ghaeilge - tar éis m'árdteist :) Mar sin, táim beagán 'meirge'. Please do feel free to correct me any time you like - it's the best way for me to learn. Beir bua agus GRMMA - Alison 04:42, 29 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)[]

Miau[cuir in eagar]

Remind me sometime to learn Gaelic...

The iMac died. :( Kylu 06:54, 5 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Ooooh :( That reminds me of something. Gah - I'm so ... ugh!! :p - Alison 08:45, 5 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Main page[cuir in eagar]

There's another error there. Jcwf 06:54, 8 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Oops! Where? - Alison 07:48, 8 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]
Vicifhionse had no picture again, but now it is back... Sorry.

Anyway, I have a favor to ask. I have been making windroses like nl:sjabloon:windstreken-nld. (Try and click somthg) I have them for eng, rus, nld and deu so far Could you help me make one for Gaelic? Jcwf 00:55, 10 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Yeah, I'd love to :) Leave it with me! - Alison 01:15, 10 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Hmm, did's and dod's, not to mention the other ones, eh? Jcwf 19:17, 10 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

lol - yeah!! ^_^ - Alison 01:39, 11 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

???[cuir in eagar]

Vicifhionse had no picture again. What's going on?

Jcwf 03:29, 21 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Interwicket user page[cuir in eagar]

Hi, the bot will leave the templates at the top of the page. But please unprotect it, the bot dumps a very messy exception (which it does recover from ...) each time it tries to check its page here. Robert Ullmann 05:23, 24 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Vista-clean.pngY Déanta - ok, you should be fine now :) Sorry about that! - Alison 07:02, 24 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)[]

Toolserveraccount[cuir in eagar]

Hello Alison,
please send your real-name, your wikiname, your Freenode-nick (if you have one), your prefered login-name and the public part of your ssh-key to zedler-admins.png. We plan to create your account soon then. --DaB. 23:33, 11 Márta 2009 (UTC)

Vista-clean.pngY Déanta - thanks! - Alison 04:25, 12 Márta 2009 (UTC)[]

Peen[cuir in eagar] 04:48, 16 Bealtaine 2009 (UTC)[]

lol - that's hilarious!! ^_^ - Alison 08:21, 16 Bealtaine 2009 (UTC)[]

re:[cuir in eagar]

Olá Alison! Obrigado pelas boas-vindas. Luan (discussão) 19:58, 18 Feabhra 2010 (UTC)[]

Cymru[cuir in eagar]

Would you know how to fix this? Jcwf 22:08, 10 Meitheamh 2010 (UTC)[]

Hey Jaap. Arriving a bit late to the party here :) Did this get fixed? - Alison 07:22, 7 Iúil 2010 (UTC)[]

An Interesting Development[cuir in eagar]


Does the Vicífhoclóir have a policy regarding the alphabet which should be used for entries? Recently the user Ruadhanogliosain has started creating new entries using the old Cló Gaelach rather than the Roman alphabet. eg.

ſpɼiocṫeanga, bain.⁴ (iol. ſpɼiocṫeangaċa)

   Iſ í an ſpɼiocṫeanga an teanga atá tú a ḟoġlaim nó a ḃfuil tú ag aiſtɼiú ċuici.

which in the Roman alphabet would look like:

Sprioctheanga, bain.⁴ (iol. Sprioctheangacha)

   Is í an sprioctheanga an teanga atá tú a fhoghlaim nó a bhfuil tú ag aistriú chuici.

The Cló Gaelach is intelligible to me but I'm wondering if it mightn't be a bit confusing for the average user, also the question arises, will we end up with two different pages for every word and which one will be returned by the search function? Interestingly if I search for 'breosla' currently it brings me to the 'breoſla' page. Obviously I don't want to discourage a new contributor but I can see that this could get very messy if there isn't some sort of official policy. Usjes 21:54, 8 Mí na Samhna 2011 (UTC)

Hi[cuir in eagar]

Over a year ago, I requested to be unblocked from English Wikipedia and promise to not edit again. I have kept my words. However, now, I want to edit in En Wikipedia again. It bothers me that when I see something wrong such as bad grammars, sentence structure... I can't fix it. I'm asking permission to edit in En Wikipedia again. I probably only edit grammatical things whenever I see them while reading on Wikipedia. I don't plan to edit contents wise to it any time soon. Thanks!Trongphu (talk) 06:19, 13 Bealtaine 2015 (UTC)[]

If you're going to respond to this in the future, please send me a message on my user talk page at Vietnamese Wiktionary. Thanks!Nguyentrongphu (talk) 00:52, 22 Bealtaine 2015 (UTC)[]

Admin activity review[cuir in eagar]

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.) was adopted by community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing activity on wikis with no inactivity policy.

You meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for 2 years) on this wiki. Since this wiki, to the best of our knowledge, does not have its own rights review process, the global one applies.

If you want to keep your advanced permissions, you should inform the community of the wiki about the fact that the stewards have sent you this information about your inactivity. A community notice about this process has been also posted on the local Village Pump of this wiki. If the community has a discussion about it and then wants you to keep your rights, please contact the stewards at the m:Stewards' noticeboard, and link to the discussion of the local community, where they express their wish to continue to maintain the rights.

If you wish to resign your rights, please request removal of your rights on Meta.

If there is no response at all after one month, stewards will proceed to remove your administrator and/or bureaucrat rights. In ambiguous cases, stewards will evaluate the responses and will refer a decision back to the local community for their comment and review. If you have any questions, please contact the stewards.

Yours faithfully. --MarcoAurelio (plé) 17:15, 26 Eanáir 2019 (UTC)[]

Archiving Vicífhoclóir:Halla Baile[cuir in eagar]

Good day Alison. Would you mind if I archived Vicífhoclóir:Halla Baile a bit? I have a bot (User:MABot) which can take care of it and also regularly if you wish. It is based on the old MiszaBot's code. Best regards, MarcoAurelio (plé) 13:34, 2 Márta 2019 (UTC)[]

  • Hi MarcoAurelio!! Yes, please - that would help a lot. Let me know when the bot is set up, and I should be able to set the bot flag here :) Thanks again - Alison 08:28, 6 Márta 2019 (UTC)[]
    • Hello Alison. Thanks for your reply. I'll set it up and will let you know. Best regards, MarcoAurelio (plé) 19:03, 23 Márta 2019 (UTC)[]

Hello again. I'm trying to get it running but pywikibot complains that there are no Irish translations for the functions the bot use (cfr. so it keeps erroring. Do you think we could have those 4 summaries translated? I could try using Google Translate but it's probably not going to work well. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can have the bot use English as a fallback language until those summaries are translated. MarcoAurelio (plé) 13:51, 24 Márta 2019 (UTC)[]

  • Ok - Vista-clean.pngY Déanta - try building from the updates sources now - Alison 01:08, 25 Márta 2019 (UTC)[]

Hello again (bis) ;-) There was some more technical issues which were finally resolved at <>. Therefore I ran the bot and the VP is now archived and cleaned. You can see Special:Contributions/MABot for details. If you're happy with its operation, I can cron it and have it archive the VP regularly. I'm on a wikibreak so apologies if I do not reply swiflty. Best regards, --MarcoAurelio (plé) 10:31, 11 Bealtaine 2019 (UTC)[]