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Fáilte romhat, a chara. Welcome! :) - Alison 05:18, 8 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)

Go raibh maith agat! (I hope that's right!) :-) Dmcdevit 05:26, 8 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
That is perfect, actually :) - Alison 05:37, 8 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)

Hi Dmcdevit

Is the IPA in your logo correct? My Gaelic terrible but I don't think it has a palatal /c/ has Hungarian does. Jcwf

Probably not! :) It's only a draft logo & Dmcdevit was just hacking about with it last night. Any ideas as to what would be correct here, so we could add it? - Alison 16:26, 8 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
Right. I got Leftmost's ideas for IPA, but he isn't sure about is since he's not a native speaker. Plus, I think the font might be screwing up the IPA diacritics, but I don't even fully understand IPA myself, so I'm not sure. If you have a suggested replacement, please let me know. Dmcdevit 23:10, 8 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
All I can say is that it is more likely /kʲ/ than/c/ i.e. a palatalized k-sound rather than an actual palatal. The latter is somewhere intermediate between /kʲ/ and /tʲ/ and I had the impression that those too are separate sounds in Irish. But then I'm just a silly Dutchman. Jcwf
Tsk, tsk, Jaap :) As it happens, I can pronounce it just fine here but can't do IPA. What I'll do, though, is contact Michael Everson (who I happen to know off-wiki) - he's an expert in such matters and is a near-native Gaelgóir. See how it goes - maybe he'll get involved here - Alison 02:33, 9 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
More than simply not being a native speaker, the problem here for me is that I'm not entirely certain what the general conventions are for Irish IPA. From what resources I've found, it seems that Irish has both voiced and voiceless palatal stops and my own (uncertain) attempts to figure it out seem to corroborate this. As I've said, though, I'm neither a native speaker nor terribly experienced with Irish phonetics. I think it's correct as-is but I would really appreciate the feedback from someone with more experience. —Leftmostcat 03:44, 9 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
As a follow-up, I acquired a copy of the Handbook of the International Phonetic Association which includes an illustration of Irish. The speaker used in creating the illustration was from Gaoth Dobhair, so there may be some variation, but I would bet that most of the consonants are roughly the same. The illustration indicates the presence of both voiced and voiceless palatal plosives, [ɟ] and [c]. —Leftmostcat 17:05, 15 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
Wow! Míle maith agat. Reckon we should go ahead so, and call the current image the final one. I'll try to find a developer to put it live. We can always update it again later if needs be, but the current one as Béarla needs to go :) Thank you so much for working on this! - Alison 17:28, 15 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
I (gladly) stand corrected. Jcwf 17:40, 15 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
Okay, Leftmost has graciously uploaded the final version. What we need now is to have the images protected before they go live (a penis in the top of every page would be unfortunate!). Dmcdevit 03:46, 16 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
Done. Fully-prot'd, both images. It'd be cool to upload them to Commons with all the other wikts, along with the svgs. Excellent work all around :) - Alison 06:49, 16 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)
Also, suggestions on font style or placement or anything are welcome. Also, if you have a better definition to put there instead of the current one. (Again, that's what Leftmost suggested when I interrogated him on IRC; not necessarily final.) Dmcdevit 02:57, 9 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)

Request for adminship[cuir in eagar]

Hi there. I'm not one to canvass (and it's frowned upon on en.wp!) but I've just applied for adminship on here. As you're a regular editor here and know my history, I thought I should point it out to give you fair chance to voice your opinion. Le meas - Alison 20:13, 20 Meán Fómhair 2007 (UTC)